Uses of Microwave Amplifier

Microwave amplifiers are solid state amplifiers in the frequency range of 1 to 100GHz. Microwave amplifiers finds extensive use in Electromagnetic Compatibility systems (EMC), Electromagnetic interference (EMI), Defense systems, Medical and diagnostic systems, laboratory and field testing appliances. Point To Point microwave links.

The characteristics of a microwave amplifier are gain, stability, noise, power, linearity, etc.

Types of Microwave amplifier:

Low noise amplifier (LNA)-It is designed to take very low level signals and amplify it with minimum additional noise.

Power amplifier (PA)-this amplifier takes the already high level signal and further boosts for transmission over lossy medium such as through air.

Linear signal amplifier (LSA)-Linear signal amplifiers are generic amplifiers, sometimes called ‘gain blocks’ that provide signal gain within a system.

Driver amplifier- These amplifiers are good for use in single frequency applications-(continuous wave or CW)-as in synthesizers or as amplifiers for the local oscillator (LO) driving a mixer.

Uses of Microwave amplifiers:

Microwave amplifiers are used for numerous applications as follows:

    • – To generate high power RF.
    • – Radio transmitters
    • – Inter-stage transmitters
    • – Medical amplifiers for cancer treatment
    • – Low-noise amplifiers for receivers
    • – Radar applications

Microwave amplifiers are prone to heat generation and therefore a robust in-built cooling system is an absolute necessity. The availability of this feature on the selected Microwave amplifier is a must.

The Microwave amplifiers as classified and categorized mainly by
1) Their frequency coverage
2) Output power

Magnified output is called “Gain”, “Power gain” or simply “Gain”, which is expressed in terms of decibels (dB)

It is suggested that customers list out their feature and output requirements for a Microwave amplifier and then check the Raditek website. This would help them select the one that suits the best for their application.