What Type of Microwave Amplifier Do You Need?

Microwave Amplifiers are used to amplify microwave signals. They are used in all Microwave Terrestrial Radio links, Satellite Communications and throughout the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing industry.

There are four types of Microwave Amplifiers, and you must choose the one according to your needs.

Low Noise Amplifiers

LNA or Low Noise Amplifiers increases the power of the signal and minimize the additional noise. They are designed to produce over 40 dB of signal gain with less than 1 dB of noise magnitude.

Linear Signal Amplifier

The Linear Signal Amplifier is the “gain block” of the system. It is a generic amplifier. So, there is no determining factor of the power gain in the system.

Driver Amplifier

Driver Amplifier provides maximum system performance while being discrete. They are used in state of the art electronic warfare, and instrumentation. Testing and measurement applications also possess driver amplifiers.

Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers offer the final gain in the output signal as it boosts the signal which is already at a relatively high-level. The noise figure in it is not critical because noise output is heavily attenuated along with the signal.

These are four types of microwave amplifiers used for various objectives and in different applications. You can buy all of these from Raditek Inc.