A Guide to Low Noise Amplifiers

Low Noise Amplifiers, also known as LNA, convert downlink low power satellite signals while maintaining signal-to-noise-ratio. Hence, they are called Low Noise Amplifiers. Low Noise Amplifiers are used in radio communication systems, medical equipment, mobile phones, cordless phones, and electronic test equipment.

A Low Noise Amplifier supplies a power gain such as 100dB while simultaneously decreasing a signal-to-noise ratio by lower than a factor of two.

What are the important factors of a Low Noise Amplifier?

Every Low Noise Amplifier has two important factors:

  1. 1. Noise: This is the noise reduction factor of a Low Noise Amplifier. The lower this figure, the better the Low Noise Amplifier.
  2. 2. Gain: When the Noise figure is low, the gain of a Low Noise Amplifier is higher. A high gain is a crucial factor for every Low Noise Amplifier. It is varied as per operating frequency.

There are many variants of Low Noise Amplifier are available in the market. The engineers should first decide their requirements and look for the LNA online.

Read the description carefully to completely understand the product you are buying, in many cases a PDF file including the details is attached with the product. Place your order when you find the right product by contacting sales@raditek.com.