Everything You Need To Know About Block Up Converters

Block Up Converters, also known as BUCs, are a piece of crucial equipment in the telecom and satcom industries.

What is a Block Up Converter?

Block Up Converters are used to transmit signals to satellites. They convert lower L Band frequency IF signals into higher frequency signals. Moreover, block converters magnify these signals. Block Up Converters are popular because they serve two purposes, i.e., amplification and conversion in the form of a single device.

Where are Block Up Converters used?

The most common uses of Block up converters are found in telecom and satcom broadcasting systems and also for weather predictions. These converters are frequently used by government agencies.

How does one pick out a block up converter?

The following aspects need to be considered while picking up a Block Up Converter:

  1. – IF Frequency: This is the L Band frequency that is input in the Block Up Converter to be converted into a higher frequency.
  2. – RF Frequency: This is the output frequency of the converter. It is marked using the IEEE bands like c Band, Ku Band, ka Band, etc.
  3. – DC Voltage: Every Block Up Converter needs a certain amount of voltage to amplify the power.

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