Benchmark High Power Couplers from Raditek

High Power couplers from Raditek are state-of-the-art components, used mostly in the field of radio technology.

Its function in an electronic system is to couple a calibrated amount of energy-electromagnetic power in transmission lines connected to various designated ports, allowing the signal to be utilized in the circuits concerned.

High power couplers are an interface, a connecting part between the radio frequency transmission line and RF cavity (the resonator) and the particle beam.

Raditek designs, uni-directional, bi-directional, and dual-directional high power couplers, also known as “high PC”, are used in narrow as well as broadband applications that deal with the frequency range of 1MHz to 10 GHz.

We at Raditek also offer to customize high PC as per the design parameters of a system or an application.

We market high PC in standard values with tolerance as minuscule as +/-1 dB, and these components are known for the lowest insertion loss across RF bands. It is also regarded as an industry benchmark for coupling flatness @ +/- 1 dB or lower and maintains the best VSW ratio across its operating range.

Raditek’s high-power couplers are backed up by excellent customer service, and all of this–for a very reasonable price.

Incorporate these in your applications/systems and you have fixed issues related to power couplers.

Full details can be found at the RADITEK website.