Boost Your Signal Efficiency through SSPA and DAMA Modem

Raditek has established a vital market in technology and providing great devicesat affordable prices and has gained a massive customer base. Their customers prefer opting for its products to others owing to the great quality, cost and the easy usage they promise, hence making it the most trustworthy Hardware provider in the telecommunication domain.

Move to the Easiest Way of Platform with DAMA Modem

Through DAMA(Demand Assigned Multiple Access) technology, you canget access to communication channel that offers preemptive distribution of channels to countless consumers and networks. Channels over DAMA can be distributed or be assigned to various consumers as per requirement. With DAMA, your implementation goes really easy and straight forward along with the support of tools and resources. Moreover, through this platform, distributing and sharing of channels are equally feasible and countless consumers get access to available resources.

Advantages of DAMA Modems:

• Better use of the allocated space segment

• Proficient utilization of terminals

• Various network contribution

• Instantaneous distribution of data

• Effective satellite sspace segment in VSAT satellite terminals

Upgrade Your Mode of Communication through SSPA

Raditek Solid State power Amplifiers (SSPA) are comprehensively designed with state of the art devices to be used in various sectors such as defense application, radio frequency etc.Their powerful SSPA’s have largely replaced the older TWTA (Traveling Wave Tube) amplifiers. They mostly consist of Gallium Nitrite (GaN) or Gallium Arsenide (GaAs). Raditek SSPA’s are used in many applications including Satcom, Point to Point Telecom and Medical equipment