SSPA and Vsat Satcom System– Hosting Your Signal Connectivity with High Reliability

For accomplishing the requisite goals and to develop a mutual relationship among users, operator smake sure to consider only the best products. By delivering quality products and ensuring long range connectivity, Raditek assists all such operators in maintaining long term relationship with their consumers.

High Performance Connectivity with SSPA

Solid State Power Amplifiers Raditek uses state of the Art Transistors, FET and IMFET devices to achieve the essential amplification at GHz frequency. These amplifiers use Gallium Nitrite (GaN) or Gallium Arsenide (GaAs)to maintain the most efficient amplification. The amplification varies with two prospects:

• Driver Sector with Less Power

• Output Devices with High Power

These applications need High Power of Amplification. Factors like efficiency, capability and amplification are enriched along loftier structure. Raditek compact Solid State Power Amplifiers are offered from 100 Kilo Hertz to 100 Giga Hertz including the HF range from 1.5 to 30 Mega Hertz with 100 Watt to 15 Kilo Watt output energy. Raditek high grade amplifiers can includes several special features like Harmonic Suppression Filters, Microprocessor Controls and wide range Temperature handling.

Experience High Quality Visualization with VSAT Satcom Systems

Satcom Systems are useful to provide data distribution with the help of communication satellites. The modem is abbreviation of “modulator-demodulator” whose main function is to convert a digital bit stream to be handled over the Satcom Transceiver. Some options offer demodulator only and hence facilitate the satellite to download data providing one stop satellite internet access that is conventional over ADSL and PSTN modem transfer.

The satellite communication criteria includes errors correction, these include:

• Dualistic segment modification

• Quadrature segment modification

• Orthogonal quadrature segment modification

• Quadrature amplitude intonation 16 QAM

• 8PSK

Opting for superior quality equipment is of utmost importance since it would affect your customer base significantly. Hence, it is better to opt for a trustworthy company like Raditek to buy quality products.