Brief Understanding on Block Upconverters BUCs

Block up converters convert radio signals from lower to a higher frequency. They are used in satellite uplink transmission, Block up convertersfacilitate transferring data from a ground-based unit to an orbiting satellite. BUCs are part of a bridge between two or more ground-based radio Tranceivers that are located a long distance apart. These systems play a vital role in television broadcasting and internet accessing.

Block upconverters took over from the earlier 70/140MHz Up converters and allow a segment of the L Band 900-2100MHz to be BLOCK up converted allowing much more data to be handled. They can be combined with amplifiers to boost the signal level.

Block upconverters can translate frequencies from L Band to many other bands, the most popular include C and Ku Bands, S band and X Band are predominantly used by the Military. The most activity now is with the small and light weight new Ka-Band BUCs these are a perfect solution for mobile and satellite uplink applications.

BUCs can transfer data along with voice via this communication system. They are a perfect combination for multiple channel carriers (MCPC) and single channels per carrier (SCPC) signals.