Combiners That {Com “binds”}

High power combiners from Raditek are integral components that combine RF signals and distribute them in scheduled calibrated proportions along the system-designed pathways.

Raditek high power combiners help intermix and amalgamate several power amplifiers to form a larger block of amplifier system.

State-of-the-art Raditek power combiner harnesses several RF signals to a common output without any change/loss in its impedance.

Combiners engineered by us are designed to meet the variegated demands of different systems using resistive components which provide very low lowest amplitude loss and offers a low VSW ratio and yield an impenetrable port-to-port isolation

Raditek’s high power combiner is a cutting-edge component that provides calibrated functionality for your systems and applications.

Our high power combiners come with a built-in latest heat dissipating system like two-phase convection cooling devices which allows for effective thermal environment management within and without the system.

As a result, Raditek high power combiners are used in a wide range of applications including radar, particle accelerators, CVD systems, plasma generators, and dual-band power amplifiers, besides being used in satellite communication and ultra-sensitive scientific research equipment.

Raditek’s cavity and hybrid multi-path combiners with power handling capacities ranging from 30 MHz to 500 MHz. up to 40 GHz and are also compatible for handling C-band, S-band, X-band, Ku-band, and multi-octave bands.

See Raditek’s website for detail.