High Power Coupler – Integral Electronic Component

High power couplers from Raditek are widely used in the field of radio technology that involves transmission and detection of electro-magnetic waves used for normal and satellite communication.

Our engineers devised cutting-edge high-power couplers that couple a calibrated amount of electromagnetic power in a transmission cable connected to another circuit, allowing all such connected systems to operate concurrently.

Raditek high power couplers have the lowest of insertion loss.  Our strong coupling factor (3, 6, 10 & 30 dB) offer greater flatness than the other in the category. This feature is found in all the models that we market.

Our couplers are designed to help address misalignment and axial movement.

Engineers at Raditek are known for creating power couplers that maintain a VSW ratio of 1.2:1 or better throughout the entire working frequency range.

Additionally, we offer customized frequency bands and other relevant characteristics as needed by the circuit specifications.

With the aid of our cutting-edge production facility, Raditek is able to provide the best high power couplers made from a variety of materials and put through specialized high-tech processes that improve the product’s appearance and its functionality.

Raditek manufactures five types of high power couplers & they are Transmission, Branch line, Lange, Hybrid and Wave-guide couplers in broadband, narrow band and multi-octave categories.

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