Dependable Rubidium Oscillator

Rubidium oscillators are oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs) whose output is tethered to an inbuilt rubidium (atomic) clock, which is noted for its precise frequency (oscillations) output.

Due to the internal and external working environments, a standard OCXO is prone to triggering weak amplitude, resulting in incorrect frequency output.

Telecommunication infrastructure, TV broadcast systems, GPS systems, LTE systems, and other time distribution services, require only such oscillators which ensure the delivery of accurate frequency timing and with the required intensity.

Therefore, the output of oven-controlled crystal oscillators is harnessed to an inbuilt rubidium “physics circuit” which provides consistent accurate oscillation at calibrated amplitude.

Such OXCOs are called Rubidium oscillators. Rb oscillators discipline the OCXO to its hyperfine transition of 6834682610.904 Hz.

Furthermore, unlike typical OCXOs, rubidium oscillators have a high-temperature tolerance. It functions without any drifts/distortions in temperatures ranging from Minus 30 degrees to Plus 60 degrees.

Out of the two types of a rubidium oscillator, the first one, a precision rubidium oscillator, is used for synchronization operation in Tele-network and measurement devices.

The second one, a low phase noise oscillator, is used in applications where the smallness of the size matters like in CDMA, WiMAX, and LTE base station.

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