Solid State Amplifier – Salient Facilitators

A solid-state power amplifier, also known as SSPA, increase the amplitude of the input signal without a change in its other parameters like frequency or the waveform.

Solid-state power amplifiers are used in applications that warrant large amplification of the input frequencies/signals. Power amplifiers are available in the frequency range from 0.30GHz to 100GHz.

Unlike their predecessors, SSPAs are fitted with solid-state transistors made of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) or Gallium Nitrate (GaN) which do the bulk of amplification job. Further, GaAs transistor-based amplifiers are known to provide the best linearity and GaN-based amplifiers offer the best efficiency in terms of its output.

SSPA is used in applications that demand precision and accuracy such as airborne applications, missiles, radars, and other important and critical communication systems. These are also widely used in high-tech laboratory equipment and field testing systems.

Alongside its use in hi-tech systems, it is also widely used in wireless communications, broadcasting, and audio amplification applications.

The use of cutting-edge transistor technology has enabled solid-state amplifiers to outperform TWTAs in terms of efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, the most recent SSPAs are adaptable to X and Ku band applications and can factor in customers specifications too.

Furthermore, Raditek state-of-the-art flexible power amplifiers can handle ultra-high-frequency power ranging from Watts to Kilowatts with ease.