Drop-in Isolator – The Electronic RF Insulator

Isolators drop in, or drop-in isolators, are devices that isolate radio frequencies or microwave frequencies or their configured bandwidth from other frequencies propagating in a given system.

Drop-in isolators are available for a range of frequencies from 40 MHz to 60 GHz with a power rating of up to 400W.

These are extensively used in narrow and broadband applications and systems used in cellular communications, wireless systems, and communication equipment used by defense establishments.

Isolators drop in offered by Raditek are the industry benchmark as these are fabricated using high-quality material which ensures calibrated and quality performance over a wide thermal range.

Drop-in isolators that we sell of the shelf have been pre-tested for their magnetic field stability and other essential output requirements in the temperature range of -40°C to +100°C.

Drop-ins come in different shapes and sizes or they can be fabricated based on the need and can be integrated into the system readily and hence its name – Drop-in isolator.

We offer drop-in isolators that are customized to the clients’ individual needs in terms of phase matching, counterclockwise rotation, high reverse power propagation, and needed intermodulation.

Raditek has a patented isolator technology to manufacture drop-ins as small as 6mm and as large as its circuitry requires and we offer it at a very reasonable price.

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