High PC – A Vital Boon to Electronic Circuits

Our high power couplers have a reputation for being steadfast in their task and performing their designated functions with unrivaled accuracy.

High power coupler is a connecting device that connects the RF transmission line to resonators and particle beams. High power coupler, also known as “high PC”, in the electronic jargon, is a directional coupler, a passive device, mostly used in the field of radio technology.

High PCs couple a certain (specified) quantum of electromagnetic power in a transmission line/s attached to the port/s, allowing the RF signals to be utilized in other circuits.

Raditek manufactures unidirectional, bidirectional, and dual directional couplers in the 1MHz to 10GHz frequency range for narrow, broadband, and multi-octave band applications. We provide customized high-power couplers to meet the needs of our customers.

It offers low passive intermodulation distortion across all frequency bands and a coupling flatness +/- 1dB (or lower) a still lower value and sustains a perfect VSWR across its operational range.

Therefore ascertain the performance parameters of the power coupler needed. And be assured that Raditek will either have such a coupler in stock or will custom manufacture it for you.

Moreover, the high power couplers that we provide are most reasonably priced and are backed up by superb customer service too.]

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