Integral Satellite Communication Device

Raditek Block up Converter or BUC as it’s referred to in electronic trade, is predominantly used in applications that are to transmit (uplink) microwave signals to the satellites. These are also used to transmit satellite RF signals to multiple transponders concurrently and simultaneously.

Our latest BUCs are precision engineered to convert frequency signals from the L band to any other required bands like S, C, X, Ku, and Ka-band. BUCs are generally used jointly with LNBs like in VSAT systems.

Configured in suitable and sturdy casings, backed by a performance warranty, Raditek’s block up converter is preferred for heavy-duty applications like internet, television broadcast systems, weather forecast systems, radar applications, and commercial and communication systems.

Our Block up Converter maintains the proper transmitted frequency using phase-locked loop local oscillators and, if necessary, an external frequency of 10 MHz. Government agencies prefer to use our BUCs as it is the most compatible and competent component for long-distance communications.

Our newest block up converters are designed for improved output performance and can also be readily integrated into systems ranging from COTM/COTP, Portable VSAT, and CDL to Airborne, and Radars applications. They also use smaller and lighter components.

Our BUCs are dependable, have high linearity, long-term service, use 60% less power, and are fairly priced.

Full details can be found on the Raditek’s website.