ISM band Amplifiers are Designed for Industrial, Scientific and Medical Uses

Amplifiers are used for many telecommunication purposes but there are different types that find their use for other purposes as well. SSPA Amplifiers GaN and GaAs are such types offering advantages in efficiency and linearity. Apart from these, there are many more amplifiers with various other characteristics. As the utility of these devices vary, so the fact that their features will vary is quite evident. Choices include frequency coverage and the noise factor predominates.

Band and Benefits

The Amplifiers for ISM bands are designed for industrial, scientific and medical uses. Other bands are used for radio transmission. People from various disciplines like commercial industries, university research labs, defense, Government etc. have found various uses of these bands and are extensively using them. These amplifiers come with Thermal management of advanced quality. These bands use a variety of Amplifiers covering different frequencies and powers. GaN technology is a popular choice in this line of Raditek Amplifiers.


ISM bands Amplifiers are used for various purposes: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, cancer stage one and two treatment, Doppler measurements of X-rays, timber drying, chemical vapor deposition etc, which cater to all the three fields of medicine, science and industry.

For telecommunication i.e. Wi-Fi, cordless and similar services, Amplifiers are used at 2.4 GHz. There are also SSPA Amplifiers,which have low and high power and cover frequency ranges between 10 KHz and 84 GHz. Please contact Raditek to understand your needs and select the best Amplifiers.