Phase Lock Oscillator and Satcom Modems – The Two Essential Components of Satcom (Satellite Communication)

Communication has always been an important tool in the society. It bridges one people with another and helps to reduce the gap between them. Nevertheless, when there is a stretch of distance between the two, then what should you do? Well, you communicate by means of technology called telecommunication. Here, information, message, signals, images, writings or any kind of thing that is worth sharing, is shared via telephone, radio, cable or other electro-magnetic options.

Phase Lock Oscillator and Satcom Modem facilitate telecommunication via Satellite allowing long distance access where there are no Fibre Optic connections. This is particularly useful for third world country access and Ocean going Ship traffic.

Phase Lock Oscillator

The striking features of a good PLO or Phase Lock Oscillator is its frequency stability in the order of 0.1ppm (parts per million) This allows multiple channels to co-exist in close proximity to each other without affecting each other. Raditek offers these with great pricing and low phase noise. These oscillators can again be classified further into Dielectric Resonant, Coaxial Resonant and Ceramic Resonant. Raditek offers these with a frequency range of 300MHz to 42 GHz. These can be harmonically locked to both external and internal references.

Choosing which PLO should be implemented depends on the requirement of the situation. And the parameters that should be considered while choosing a good PLO are- spectral quality (harmonics, spurious, phase noise etc.), output frequency, reference frequency (both internal and external) etc.

As mentioned earlier, Phase Lock Oscillators have varied sources, which hint at their capabilities. So, if you need this type of oscillator, then contact Raditek to talk with the designers to understand the best solution for your project. Our experts will know the exact components you require and will prescribe the best solution paying attention to both performance and pricing.

Satcom Modem

This Satcom Modem is another element of a Satcom telecom system, used in various bands like S, L, X, C, Ka and Ku etc. Model choices include the Dream and Extreme. The Dream includes ABOD (Adoptive Bandwidth on Demand) and DAMA (Demand Assigned Multiple Access).

The Extreme is an advanced modem that acts as demodulators and modulators (which the basic work of a modem). The features vary depending on their use. There are many more details and deviations available for satcom i.e. satellite communication,depending on further needs. There are ups and downs convertors as well.

All these variations prove how important both these technologies are. If you really need to get hold of one, then consult the Raditek experts in telecommunications.