ISM Band Amplifiers – Serving Several Telecom Purposes

Amplifiers are used in most telecom equipment. There are different kinds of amplifiers that are used for different purposes. GaAS and GaN are the SSPA amplifiers that provide certain benefits in linearity and efficiency. Important parameters include: Gain, Power output, noise factor and frequency coverage.


ISM Band Amplifiers are designed for scientific, industrial and medical purposes. There are other types of bands used in radio transmissions. People from various disciplines like university research labs, commercial industries, government, defense etc all use these bands. These amplifiers come with advanced quality of thermal management. They use different types of amplifiers to cover various powers and frequencies. The popular choice is GaN technology in Amplifiers.


There are different industries where ISM Bands Amplifiers are used, such as nuclear medicine, Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI), X-Ray Doppler measurements, Cancer (Stage 1/Stage 2) treatment, chemical vapor deposition, and timber drying etc. These amplifiers cater to all the fields of science, medicine and industry.

For telecommunications both broadcast and Point to Point Communication transmissions amplifiers are widely used. SSPA Amplifiers are available with high and low power frequency ranges from 10 KHz to 96 GHz. Raditek can provide the best amplifiers according to your needs and purposes.

Frequency Shift and Amplitude shift (FSK and ASK) transmitters and transceivers are available at low cost and are used to modulate amplifiers for short ranges. Designed to work in scientific, industrial and medical applications and bands from 300 MHz to 450 MHz, they have a widespread use. For instance, the use of these short range devices in tire-pressure monitoring, remote keyless entry, security systems, and remote control systems is widespread.