Microwave Amplifier – A Vital Electronic Device

Microwave Amplifiers take in a very low-level signal input from a lossy transmission medium to amplify it to a calibrated level with a minimal additive noise.

Microwave amplifiers are solid-state amplifiers. These amplifiers have a frequency range of 1 to 100GHz.

Microwave amplifiers are extensively used in electromagnetic compatibility systems (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI), defense systems, medical and diagnostic systems, laboratory, and field testing appliances, Telecommunication’s and Satcom.

A transistor used in the microwave amplifiers is the main active component that amplifies the RF signals.

These days, advanced transistors have Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) or Gallium Nitrate (GaN) which is responsible for actual amplification of the input signal.

Gallium Arsenide – GaAs has the best linearity and Gallium Nitrate – GaN – has the best of efficiency.

Besides, the applications mentioned above and other numerous applications, microwave amplifiers are used for high power radio frequency generation for radio transmitters, inter-stage amplifiers, and amplifiers used in cancer treatment equipment and radio frequency receivers.

Microwave amplifiers are specified mainly by its frequency coverage and output power. Power gain by microwave amplifiers is a factor of the source and load impedance.

Microwave amplifiers generate a lot of heat which necessitates the use of state-of-art in-built cooling systems like convection heat sink or forced air cooling to maintain ambient operating temperatures. Water cooling systems are also used in ultra-high power microwave amplifiers.

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