Utility of Dielectric Resonator Oscillators

Dielectric resonator oscillators or DROs make use of dielectric resonator as a frequency-determining element to generate frequencies signals with very high stability and low micro-phonics

The physical dimensions of dialectical material used, it shape-rectangular or a disc-and the dielectric constant, determine the resonant frequency of the dielectric resonator oscillators.

The resonant frequency of the dielectric resonator oscillators can vary based on the variance in the bias voltage capacitance of the varactor diode. (electrical tuning)

The frequency of these dielectric resonator oscillators is fixed. However, by using a self-locking screw a slight mechanical tuning over a small band, can be achieved successfully.

Dielectric resonator oscillators have better stability as compared to free-running cavity oscillators. They also have a better power efficiency.

Dielectric resonator oscillators have superior frequency pulling (oscillators’ sensitivity to VSWR changes – factor as compared to other oscillators).

Dielectric resonator oscillators have a high Q-factor and a low phase-noise. They exhibit superior temperature stability.

Dielectric resonator oscillators are available in a range of wide varieties to suit all applications.

Dielectric resonator oscillators are mainly used in micro-wave snd millimeter wave electronic oscillators (3 to 42GHz) to control the radio wave generated.

Raditek offers a full range of DRO and PLO (phase locked DRO) on its website.