On RF Highways – RF Amplifiers – Booster Pits

An RF Amplifier boosts or intensifies signals in the radio frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is used to strengthen the sensitivity of the receiver or the output of the transmitter set.

In other words, a radio frequency amplifier transforms a low-power radio frequency signal into a higher-power radio frequency signal in the range between 20 kHz to 300 GHz.

Radio frequencies are prone to accumulate additional noise from multiple sources and are easily loaded and also lack the drive capability and hence need a radio amplifier to modify and boost them up.

An RF amplifier is a solid-state RF device that provides gain, stability, power, linearity, and noise reduction to the input signal and amplifies it as per the set parameters.

Unlike its predecessors, which employed tube wave technology, the latest radio frequency amplifiers use transistors made of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) or Gallium Nitrate (GaN). GaAs transistors have the best linearity and the GaN transistors, the best efficiency.

A well-designed RF amplifier is an essential component of communication systems such as television broadcasting, radar systems, military equipment, remote monitoring devices, high-fidelity appliances, computers, and a variety of others. See the Raditek Inc. website.