High Permittivity Raditek DROs

Dielectric resonator oscillators, also known as DROs, are those oscillators that use dielectric resonators as the frequency-determining element to produce signals with excellent stability, high Q, and very low phase noise.

State-of-the-art DROs manufactured by Raditek are extensively used in millimeter-wave electronic oscillators to control the radio waves generated. These are also used in bandpass filters, bandstop filters, frequency-selective limiters and dielectric resonator antenna elements.

The DROs that we manufacture are made of low-loss material that has a high dielectric constant as a result most of the electromagnetic field remains contained within the dielectric medium.

They have a very high pulling factor as compared to free-running oscillators.

The oscillators that we market come with a pre-tuned frequency; however the same can be slightly modified using mechanical or varactor tuning methods.

Raditek offers the best performing dielectric resonator oscillators in the industry with a frequency range of 300 MHz to 42 GHz and frequency stability of 5ppm in a thermal environment ranging from 0 to 50 degrees centigrade.

Besides providing top-quality ready-to-use DROs, Raditek engineers can also provide customized DROs that deliver on the performance parameters of your applications/s.

These DROs are available in the two most preferred modules – 1) DROs with connector options and 2) surface mount modules.

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