Phase Lock Oscillator – A Multiple Advantage Gadget

A phase lock oscillator or a phase-locked loop (PLL) is extensively used for analog as well as digital data transmission applications.

An advanced phase locked oscillator from Raditek is a sophisticated electronic circuit that constantly adjusts to match the frequency of its input signal.

Our phase locked oscillators are primarily used to create, stabilize, modulate/demodulate, filter, and retrieve frequency signals from a noisy communications channel that is susceptible to data interruption.

Due to its abovementioned features and properties, a phase lock oscillator is used for computer clock synchronization, demodulation, and frequency synthesis. Moreover, PLOs also happen to be an integral part of radio, telecommunication, computers, and various other electronic circuitries.

State-of-the-art Raditek’s phase-locked oscillators are a vital and indispensable component to reduce noise levels spreading the energy over a larger portion of its spectrum, especially for FM radio channels with a bandwidth of tens of kilohertz.

Our phase lock oscillator is designed to function with integrity in complex systems and applications and therefore is a component of choice for many circuitry in the world of electronics dealing with radio and microwave frequency.

If you have the necessary criteria, Raditek has the best phase lock oscillator in its class, with a frequency range of 30MHz to 50GHz, and an operational thermal range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.

For full details, see the Raditek website.