Phase Lock Oscillator – The Phase Match Maker

A Phase Lock Oscillator or PLO as referred to in the electronic parlance, utilizes state-of-the- art planar circuits, three-terminal devices and dielectric resonator technology to generate high-quality microwave signals at lower frequencies. Other devices like frequency multipliers, amplifiers and filters are used to extend the low frequencies for higher frequency requirements

A standard Phase Lock Oscillator covers the frequency range of 2 to 110GHz and offers both internal and external reference options. Frequency stability and phase noise is subject to the oscillator reference type.

The vital function of a Phase Lock Oscillator is to generate an output signal whose phase is related to the input signal.

Different types of Phase Locked Oscillators are available in the trade such as:

  • 1. Phase-locked oscillators with digital Phase-lock IC
  • 2. Phase-locked oscillators with analog sampling phase detector
  • 3. Dual loop phase-locked oscillators
  • 4. PLXO – Phase Locked Crystal Oscillator
  • 5. PLCRO – Phase locked coaxial resonator oscillator.
  • 6. PLDRO – Phase locked dielectric resonator oscillator.
  • 7. PLVCO – Phase locked dielectric voltage control oscillator.

Phase locked oscillator must be compatible with other components in the system and must not only operate properly on the “bench” but must also operate suitably in complex electronic systems.

The perfect oscillator signal spectrum would consist of a single line of infinitesimal width. No perfect oscillator has yet been discovered.

A different phase locking circuitry is used basis the customers’ in the cases where customers’ selects 10 MHz or 100 MHz reference and the output frequency is not a multiple of these frequencies.

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