Phase Lock Oscillator

A phase lock oscillator usually abbreviated as PLO is a feedback control circuit. The output signal of this oscillator is phaselocked to a reference signalMostlya crystal oscillator is the reference frequency.

A PLO is comprised of three fundamental blocks-

  • Phase Detector
  • Loop Filter
  • Voltage Control Oscillator

Phase Lock Oscillators are available as:

  • PLXO – 10 to 1400 MHz
  • PLVCO – 10 MHz to 32 GHz
  • PLDRO – 5 to 42 GHz
  • PLCRO – 0.5 to 4 GHz

PLO are uses depend upon the specific array of requirement such as-

  • Requirements of internal and external reference frequency
  • Output frequency
  • Power output
  • Environmental necessities
  • Spectral qualities such as harmonics, phase noise etc