Raditek Power Splitter and Combiners– The Advanced Tools to Optimize Your Network Connectivity

Every organization requires premium signal transferring equipment to maintain it supremacy. Hence, in order to optimize signal performance and sustain signal connectivity Power Splitters and Solid State Power Amplifiers must be the ultimate in performance. You can work effortlessly with the top products available at Raditek, which provides maximum efficiency. Moreover, these smooth functioning tools help you accomplish every target faster and in a more efficient manner.

Power Splitter and Combiners

Acquire the ultimate of extensive signal distribution through power splitter and combiners. These products are the best performance in the telecommunication. They play an important role in improving signal connectivity in all global markets. These tools also find many application for proposes like:

  • Modifying the signal connectivity
  • Transmission and broadcasting appliances
  • Extensive distribution in corporate sectors over a large coverage area
  • Cover the management of local region

Power splitters and combiners induce an innate loss of 3dB per junction; such loss can be offset by combining an amplifier with a passive splinter. The arrangement operates like a neutralizer by setting the gain at the same level as the splitting loss. To increase power levels, similar amplifier can be combined using combiners. These Power Splitters and Combiners are dexterous for managing signal connectivity and widely preferred for easy functioning.

Solid State Power Amplifiers

Through indispensable design SSPA (Solid State Power Amplifiers) find their use in multiple applications in the telecommunication industry.It is manufactured along acerbic edge technology, which makes accomplishing diverse missions an effortless task. Due to its optimum efficiency, it is the foremost choice for use in defense sector, radar relevance and warfare activities. It is tough enough and massively durable to survive in adverse conditions.

SSPA’s (solid state Power Amplifiers have largely TWT (Traveling Wave Tube) technology They works on power abridgment technique and comprises amplifiers crafted with Gallium Nitride or Gallium Arsenide devices. Commonly used in manufacturing power equipment, the usage of Solid State Power Amplifier differs from consumer to consumer. Moreover, Raditek SSPA’s are available in bands from 10KHz to 90GHz

Raditek Power splitters and combiners, along with our customized design SSPA (Solid State Power Amplifiers) are the best to use in the telecommunication industry to accomplish assorted tasks. You can find the best of this equipment on the Raditek web site www.raditek.com