Raditek Solid State Power Amplifier – Providing Amplification at its best

The abbreviation SSPA unfolds as Solid State Power Amplifier, which uses field-effect transistors in order to provide necessary amplification at Gigahertz frequencies. They also utilize Gallium Nitride and Gallium Arsenide devices for High Power amplification.

The amplifier comprises two broad categories depending on power:

• Low power driver section

• High power output stages

The applications of SSPA account for its superiority for High power (HPA). The factors like linearity, efficiency, and spectral re-growth and efficiency are enhanced by our superior design.

Efficient and compact solid state power amplifiers are available from Raditek from 100 KHz to 100GHz including the HF bands from 1.5 to 30MHz, with 100 watt to 15KW Output power models.

These amplifiers function as high grade linear amplifiers. Their special feature includes Harmonic Suppression filters, on-chip temperature compensation and microprocessors controls.

These amplifiers have RF, microwave, and millimeter wave applications. Solid State Power amplifiers have wide range of both the linear and saturate applications offering both CW and Pulse Models. They include communications systems like network infrastructure, radar, measurement and test.