Rubidium Frequency

Raditek’s Rubidium Oscillators are the gold standard for precision timing products.

A Rubidium oscillator works by regulating the crystal oscillator to a rubidium hyperfine frequency of 6834682610.904 Hz and is regarded as the most precise time standard in the world.

Therefore they are used in time distribution services to regulate TV broadcasts, global positioning Satellite systems and telecommunication infrastructures.

These are also used in LTE systems that warrant ultra-high timing precision. They are also useful for UTMS, CDMA and WiMax systems, navigation and communication devices.

A rubidium oscillator is known to be highly stable in very extreme temperature ranges such as Minus 30 to plus 60 degrees which is a very remarkable functional refinement over the convention OCXOs.

Rubidium oscillators come in 2 varieties: 1) Precision Rubidium Oscillator—set to IPPS reference input for synchronization it is useful for applications such as Telecom and measuring equipment. 2) Low phase noise versions-specifically useful for applications where component dimensions matter.

Rubidium oscillators have reduced drift and are guaranteed to last 100,000 hours at normal operating temperatures. It also improves the device’s stability and helps it provide accurate time stamps.

Rubidium-based oscillators from Raditek are compact, resistant to wear-n-tear and although economical, are highly dependable on performance pointers like time transfer errors, SNR, bit rate errors and calibration intervals.