Latest SSPAs – Apt for Heavy – Duty Applications

A solid-state power amplifier or SSPA as it is known in the industry is designed for use in most demanding applications. Solid-state power amplifiers use cutting-edge GaN and GaAs-based transistor technology and various other relevant architectures.

Raditek SSPA designs use Gallium Arsenide or Gallium Nitride power devices to provide high efficiency, high power levels. Our SSPAs can easily be integrated into the systems currently using TWT amplifiers.

Solid-state power amplifiers that we provide, support both X and KU band systems. SSPAs are tough devices, which are hermetically sealed to protect the device from harsh environments.

They are used in pulsed airborne, naval and ground radars application-like air traffic control, precision approach radar systems, high-tech laboratory equipment and field testing systems.

Raditek SSPAs are made to handle frequencies from 100 KHz to 20 GHZ and more and power levels from 1 kW to 50 kW and more.

Raditek also offers customized SSPAs. All the SSPAs that we provide offer high gain, super pulse fidelity and best spectral performance.

The latest RF SSPA designed by our engineers provides top performance, improved reliability and an economical alternative to expensive TWTAs. Latest SSPAs, whether off-the-shelf or customized, can be easily incorporated into any system/application.

Unlike the TWTAs, power summation concept of Raditek’s SSPA allows for gentle degradation over many years. Full details at Raditek’s website.