Rubidium Oscillator – The Pulse Pacer of Electronic Communications

Rubidium oscillators are high-quality quartz crystal-based OCXOs connected with a PLL circuit, to a “physics package” rubidium oscillator, which is best known in the electronic industry for producing a highly stable frequency of 6834682610.904 Hz.

A rubidium oscillator component provides the benefits of both, OCXO and rubidium references.

Such state-of-the-art rubidium oscillators manufactured by Raditek offer the best frequency accuracy and stability which is 1000 times more than the conventional OCXOs.

A Raditek’s rubidium oscillator offers far better signal integrity and lower co-channel interference.

Rubidium oscillators manufactured by us under the stringent 6-sigma process, are extensively used as the source of frequency in atomic clocks. Such clocks offer very accurate and stable time standards (pulse) and hence are used in time distribution services.

The rubidium references manufactured by us are used in applications like telecommunications infrastructure, TV broadcast, and GPS systems. A rubidium clock has an advantage over other atomic clocks like caesium clocks in that it is less expensive, smaller, and hence more portable.

These comparative low-cost devices better known for their accuracy come in various models suitable for GPS, GNSS simulation, and space application systems.

Customized rubidium oscillators would need engineering circuitry inputs. Engineers at Raditek will be thrilled to create a custom-built oscillator for their esteemed clients.

Full details can be found at Raditek website.