Rubidium Oscillators – Synonym for Consistent Sine Wave

Rubidium Oscillators manufactured by reputed companies like Raditek are a type of atomic clock that are the most accurate time standard known as of now.

And therefore, are predominantly used in time distribution services to regulate telecommunication infrastructures, Television broadcasts, and global positioning satellite system-the GPS.

Normal OCXOs are prone to frequency drift, and as a result, frequency pulses may run faster or slower than the precise pulse speed, resulting in inconsistent Sine Waves that can cause time-related applications and systems to provide inaccurate output.

To eliminate this risk, OCXOs are connected to a rubidium physics package via a PLL circuit that continuously analyses and matches the crystal oscillator frequency to the precision of the rubidium atom in order to produce the most precise frequency output.

Moreover, rubidium oscillators from Raditek demonstrate exemplary operating stability in the temperatures range of -30°c to +60°c which the traditional oscillators cannot provide.

Raditek offers 2 types of rubidium oscillatorsPrecision rubidium oscillator and Low phase noise rubidium oscillator.

Its precision rubidium oscillator is ideal for telecom networks and measuring devices, while the low phase rubidium oscillator is ideal for CDMA, WiMAX, and LTE base stations.

Raditek Rubidium oscillators provide outstanding performance and have a working life of 100K hours.

Full details can be found at the RADITEK website.