Satcom modem –The Heart of a Satcom System

Almost every industry makes use of advanced technology telecom systems to ensure effective communication with people all over the world. One of the most effective and reliable communication sources is Satcom that offers convenient internet access to users across different sectors. It finds its extensive usage in providing effective television delivery, telecommunication purpose, and military applications particularly to remote areas.

Satcom modems are the heart of Satcom communications, Modulating the Signal to the satellite and demodulating the Signal from the msattelite. How efficiently this information is handled has huge consequence on the data flowing through the Satellite and the operating cost.

Military war fighters and commanders share and disseminate information with military forces worldwide through their high speed and high capacity Satcom modems.

Banks use them as private networks to eliminate the extremely high cost of hacking.

Satellite Operators charge users based on their satellite usage, Raditek DAMA / ABOD Modems raise this efficiency from a typical 70-80% to over 90%. Saving users thousands of Dollars per month on their “Space Segment Utilization” bills. Considering this over a 10-15 year life, the savings are huge.

There are many features in our modems that contribute to this saving one of the most important is DAMA.(Demand Assigned Multiple Access). This technology facilitates multiple modems sharing the satellite transponder.

A DAMA modem is a straightforward and simple communication technology that provides easy channel sharing options for users across different networks. Some of its compelling advantages include –

• Multiple participation of network

• Real-time resource allocation

• Easy set up and modeling

• Useful for both low as well as moderate profiles of users

• Enhanced proficiency of resources relating to space segment.