Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA)

The SSPA finds its use in assorted applications including airborne, radar, missile, and communications. Moreover, these diverse equipment’s work together to meet the need for today’s cutting-edge technology for designing the SSPA.

The high performance, cost effectiveness and reliability of the Raditek SSPA range covering 100KHz to 100GHz. Our SSPA designs utilize Gallium Arsenide andGallium Nitride powerdevices.

An amplifier is an electronic device that increases power of a signal. Amplifiers use energy from a power supply to increase the output signal to match input signal with large amplification. Thus the output signal becomes stronger than the input signal. Amplifiers are integral part of most electronic equipment.

Characteristics of Ideal Amplifiers

• Amplifiers gain should remain constant with changing input signal.

• Frequency should not influence the amplifier gain. All signal frequencies should amplify by same value.

• There should be no noise in the output signal.

• Removing of noise in the input signal is necessary.