Synopsis of Various Satcom Systems Offered by Raditek

With the newer high Capacity Satellites the use and importance of satellite communication has grown to transport Digital information including radio and television signals, phone and high speed internet data.

The devices used for accomplishing satellite communications have developed adding Ka band and High capacity satcom modems. Check out the following subsections that attempt to highlight some of the most popular telecom systems offered by Raditek –

SATCOM Modems– Raditek offers a complete range of Star configurationHUB and Remotes and the more efficient Mesh Technology for large networks. Our Using the Raditek, DAMA‐Demand Assigned Multiple Access based, DREAM modem we can offer-

A stand‐alone SCPC link (to: 22Mbps, 16QAM, TPC or LDPC)

An DAMA‐Demand Assigned Multiple Access / BOD‐Bandwidth On Demand IP based STAR and MESH network

A secure link for Banking including remote ATM’s and classified communications

BUC – Block Up converter, up links the communication transmission. Raditek has a broad selection of BUC both indoor Rack mounted and Outdoor Unit (ODU) SATCOM systems for S, C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka bands.

SSPA – Solid State Power Amplifiers are often embedded with its BUCs, with powers up to 1200Watts at Ku Band

BDC – Block down Converters are available in indoor and outdoor models with standard and extended performance on S, C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka bands.

LNB & LNA – The primary purpose of Low Noise Block Downconverters & Low Noise Amplifier is to convert the extremely low level satellite signals so that they can be demodulated by the satellite modem.

Raditek offers Satcom Antenna from 0.5M to 22M diameter, They can be fixed position or more sophisticated models that will auto position to a specific satellite. These can be man portable, including segmented models that can be Fly away, ie for TV Satellite newsgathering, Vehicle mounted were the antenna can stow flat while the vehicle is in motion, We also have our IOTM series which can be mounted on vehicles, boats and trains offering Internet On the Move.

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