Top-class SSPA from Raditek

SSPA Amplifier GaN or GaN SSPA is a tiny, lightweight amplifier designed to work with multiband modems and radios, either alone for transmit-only systems or in combination with other components to form a duplex electronic system/s.

Raditek’s GaN SSPA amplifiers are found in extensive use in the industry as they are both, mechanically stable and importantly, made of a very hard semiconductor material (GaN).

The latest GaN SSPAs designed by our company look like a scaled-down miniature model of their erstwhile bulky transistors.

The SSPA amplifiers that Raditek markets today are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, less bulky, and lightweight GaN transistor-based solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) with excellent linearity and output power.

As a result of the above features, SSPA amplifier GaN has become the most important alternative to the traveling wave tube (TWTA) based amplifiers.

Raditek’s SSPAs are utilized in a wide range of high-power radio-frequency and other applications, including transmitters and low-noise receiver amplifiers.

Raditek offers GaN-based SSPAs that have 75dB high gain which comes with a communication bus, high gain adjustment facility, and most importantly, a microcontroller.

Raditek also offers a unique “auto-shutdown” feature that protects the system from the thermal damage prevalent in amplifiers.

With proper specifications for a GaN SSPA, there is no other place better than Raditek.