Magical Drop-in-isolator

Drop-in Isolators from the ISO 9000 company, Raditek, are two-port devices that allow the propagation of RF and microwave frequency signals in one single, unilateral direction.

The state-of-the-art drop in isolator propagates signals into a single direction using a transversely magnetized ferrite junction to a designated output port for its further use.

Well-engineered and fabricated isolators from Raditek are predominately used in many crucial communication devices and systems where there is scope for excessive signal reflection. Shielding such applications from such reflection thus becomes essential as signal reflection can cause noise and distortion of all sorts in the output which may lead to detuning and mismatched loads issues.

And this shielding is provided by isolators.

Raditek’s latest drop-in isolators are based on microstrip and or stripline circuitry that includes tab leads appropriate connections.

They are configured in such a way that these may be easily “dropped-in” on any PCB board and accordingly integrated into the RF circuitry without hassles and therefore the name “drop in” isolator.

Drop-in isolators are widely utilized in cellular networks, military applications, law enforcement agencies, and commercial wireless communication systems, with the radar and communication bands being the most pertinent areas of use.

Raditek’s drop-in isolators can deliver calibrated performances well in the thermal range of 50°C to plus 100°C.