Types of Flexible Waveguide Bend

A waveguide is defined as a hollow conducting tube which transmits electromagnetic waves. These waveguide components are available in rigid and flexible forms. Rigid Waveguides cannot be bent or twisted if needed, and on the other hand, Flexible Waveguides can be bent or twisted according to their type and design. There are three primary types of flexible waveguide. One is flexible and twistable, the second is flexible non-twistable, and the third is flexible seamless. We focus on flexible and twistable these are made from a helically wound silver plated brass strip, with additional mechanical support is offered from a variety of protective jackets. These waveguide sections can flex in both the E and H planes and will also twist, making them a great solution in many different types of applications. Our Flexible Twistable Waveguides operate 2.6 to 40 GHz over thirteen frequency bands. They are typically used in misaligned waveguide systems where traditional rigid waveguide sections are not possible. Provides a cost effective solution for the satellite communications market. Flexible twistable is sealed electrically via a friction joint, the core is manufactured from preconvoluted silver clad brass strip helically wound to extremely close tolerances around a rectangular mandrel, surrounded by a flexible and twistable neoprene sleeve to enable the core to be pressurized. The ends of the waveguide are terminated with brass flanges available in eighteen multiple flange styles rolls up easily for fast air shipment (compared to the difficulty packaging shipping rigid waveguide. You can find a wide range of Flexible Waveguide at the Raditek website www.raditek.com. The above information will help you to figure out the right piece for your requirement. You can also place an order for Flexible Waveguide by contacting sales@raditek.com and get timely delivery at a competitive price.