Describing Power Splitters in Detail

Power splitters are used to split power in any ratio by choosing the correct values of resistors and configuration. They provide accurate an impedance match over a wide band of frequencies.  Power splitters are used in a variety of different configurations to divide power.

The most common power dividers are two-way power dividers, and they are made in two configurations Star and Delta.

Star format is used more than Delta format. All the series resistors at star point are equal. The value of the resistance is equal to the characteristic impedance divided by three. Since the power is dissipated in these resistors, it is necessary to remember that power rating should be enough to dissipate the expected levels.

In Delta format, the value of the resistance of resistors is equal to the characteristic impedance. Therefore, any of them can be used as the input and the other two points can be used as output.

Advantages of Power Splitter

  • Simple to Use – Splitters are formed of only resistors connected in the desired format. So they are easy to use. You need to keep in mind that why and which splitter you are using.
  • Affordable – Because these are simple, they can be easily made at low cost.
  • Frequency Response – You can buy with desired frequency response.  They are typically offered as 2 3 ,4,8,16 and 32 way

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