Understanding the Difference between Dual LNB and Single LNB

LNB is the abbreviation for a Low Noise Block downconverter. It is a piece of small equipment installed at the front of the antenna to receive a signal from the satellite, amplify and then pass it down through the cable. If the picture or sound in your television is not clear, there might be a possibility that LNB needs to be changed. There are two types of LNB on the basis of your requirement and the difference between both of them is the number of output on it.

Single Line LNB

It serves only one receiver at a time. Which means that you can only view one channel at a time on one transponder which means using a multi-switch to split the signal is not possible with a single-line LNB.

Dual LNB

Here the dual connections operate independently of each other, enabling you to use two receivers. Hence, a dual LNB can access different channels on different transponders, but a condition applies here is that you need to install a multi-switch to split the signal.

You can enjoy flipping as many channels as you want. Don’t let any technological limitation to obstruct your entertainment.

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