Waveguide Rotary Joints That Keeps Applications Distortion

Waveguide rotary joint is a unit used to connect two different types of radiofrequency waveguides in a microwave communication system. For example, airport reconnaissance radars, its rotating antenna is connected to its transmitter/receiver with the help of a rotary joint.

There are a variety of rotary joints available in different size and geometrical shapes like L, U, and I which can handle frequencies up to Gigahertz.

The intensity of sound/magnetic waves tends to decrease as per the inverse square law when it expands into a 3-dimensional space. Waveguide rotary joints bounds and channel electromagnetic and or sound waves to navigate in a unidirectional dimension without loss of power or amplitude.

Waveguide rotary joint is used in a wide variety of highly important applications like military and Satcom devices, ground radars, shipborne and airborne systems. It is also used in air traffic control radars, weather radars, space platforms, and medical equipment.

Various configurations of ready-to-use waveguide rotary joints are available on the market which can be fitted into any relevant single or multiple-channel applications. Moreover, many companies offer customized versions of rotary joints too.

However, to achieve the required output performance, care should be taken to match operational characteristics such as frequency range, VSWR, insertion loss, and isolation.

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