Types of Power Splitter and Their Uses

Power Splitters are used in a multitude of applications as they are used to split the power between two or more ports. These are also known as power dividers, and when a power splitter is used in the opposite direction it works as a power combiner. However, there is an insertion loss and a splitting loss of 3db per junction. They also exhibits excellent phase and amplitude balance.

There are two types of power splitters Resistive, and Hybrid Power Splitter and both of them are used for different purposes. Let’s have a look at both of these –

Resistive Power Splitters

This type of splitter uses resistors. These are easy to make and low cost, but the only limitation is insertion loss. Because of the presence of resistor, insertion loss is high. However, these are good at maintaining the characteristic impedance of the system.

Hybrid Power Splitters

Hybrid splitters are the device that uses transformers and are better than resistive power splitter because they provide low levels of loss. However, hey have some physical losses in the transformers, and one of the major losses arise from the splitting process since the same signal is shared between all the outputs.

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