High Performance Telecom Requirements

It is wise to have the highest performance devices along high efficiency. You can accomplish your requirements by certainuseful products specifically designed for telecommunication purpose.Due to the high performance of these products Global communication has improved significantly. They are widely used worldwide.

Tangible Benefits of Phase Lock Oscillator

To build efficient communication services Phase Lock Oscillators ensure the transmitted frequency accuracy and minimize drift due to both temperature and aging. These are used throughout Telecommunications including Broadcast Radio, Terrestrial Point to Point microwave links and Satcom.

These phase lock oscillators are single frequency emitters harmonically related to precision frequency sources, these are occasionally derived from GPS receivers, typically they are from precision Crystal Oscillators, either TCXO (Temperature controlled) or OCXO (Ovenized Crystal oscillator) for higher accuracy)

Frequencies used are typically 100MHz and 10MHz but can be specially made to any frequency to multiple decimal place accuracy. These crystal oscillators can be include inside the PLO (Internally referenced IR) or fed from a remote source (externally referenced ER)

Raditek offers these models in two types: for lower frequencies 200-3000Mhz PLCRO, and from 3-41GHz PLDRO, the widest product coverage anywhere

For Signal distribution use Power Splitters and Combiners

Used in the distribution of signal over an area, such mechanisms strengthen signal requirements effectively.

Most Splitters are passive devices with basically 3dB loss per junctions so a 4 way splitter has 6dB loss, an 8way 9dB and a 12 way 9dBt offset this Raditek offers Active Splitters were the splitting loss is offset by the amplifier gain so for example 0dB in is adjusted to be 0dB out

Splitters are available in waveguide; however most are coaxial and typically use SMA and N connectors

These splitters offer coverage over many frequencies, so you cancheck out some devices mentioned below:

• SMA Connector Male, up to 500MHz, 5 Watt

• N Connector Female, up to 1GHz, 50 Watt

• SMA Connector Male, 800MHz to 3.0 GHz, 10 Watt

• SMA Connector Female, upto 1240 MHz, 1 Watt

By offering long term reliability, longevity, durability and superior performance Raditek products are used globally by most Telecom customers both manufactures and installers.