Waveguide Rotary Joint – Important Receiver-set Component

Waveguide rotary joint is used in microwave communication systems to connect two different types of RF waveguides to achieve free rotation without performance degradation.

This device is a very crucial component of surveillance radar systems, missile systems and other scientific systems, commercial and military communication devices

Raditek supplies the top-quality waveguide rotary joints in the industry, using state-of-the-art electro-mechanical components to propagate microwave signals for a stationary to a rotary field or vise-versa.

Waveguide rotary joints are available in a variety of cross-sections-like rectangular, circular and elliptical, which are made from different materials like aluminum, brass, bronze, silver, copper, stainless steel and bi-metallic alloys in various physical dimensions.

A waveguide rotary has ports configured in a right angle to rotational axis or can have a “U-style”, “L-style” or an “I-style” configuration depending upon the system/application it is being used for.

Our ready-to-use waveguide rotary joints are guaranteed to have consistent phase linearity, and their robust housing (casing) makes them ideal for high-power applications.

For mutually suitable order size, we can also develop a customized version of the waveguide rotary joint that is uniquely suitable for your application circuits and topography, which is also certified by us for low VSWR and maximum power handling capability.

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