Rubidium Oscillators – Most Accurate and Ever-dependable

Radtiek’s superlatively engineered rubidium Oscillators are the most preferred oscillators by sensitive systems and applications such as time distribution, communication systems, and infrastructures like DTH broadcast and others.

They are also used in DTH broadcast systems and commercial airborne systems like radars, missiles, and the like.

Rubidium oscillators exhibit superb performance with short-term stability of 0.002 ppb/s at 100 s and long-term aging of sub 1 ppb/year. The output of our rubidium oscillator offers a high level of consistency and regularity.

Another advantage of Raditek’s rubidium oscillators is that they provide unaltered consistent output regardless of temperature variations in the systems they are embedded in or the external environment, within the range from minus 30°C to + 60°C.

Rubidium oscillators manufactured by us offer normal work life of more than a hundred thousand hours.

And therefore are prioritized over OCXOs for all sensitive applications and critical systems.

Furthermore, these Rb oscillators from Raditek offer better signal integrity and zero degree co-channel interference, low SNR, and a low aging rate of IE-9 over a decade period.

Rubidium oscillators come in over 20 different varieties, of which Precision and Low Phase Noise Rubidium Oscillators are the most widely used category.

These oscillators are provided by us and have a sturdy casing that is helpful for the majority of applications.

Full details are on the Raditek website.