Versatile Power Combiner Block

High power combiners from Raditek are integral devices that combine various RF signals and tether them to a common output port without altering the characteristic impedance.

Theoretically, a power combiner and a power divider are the same except that the specific requirements of these two components may be different, in terms of handling, phase & port matching, and most importantly, the isolation.

Raditek’s High power combiners are a perfect match for systems and applications using power amplifiers, antenna feeds, attenuators, and switches. These are more specifically used in systems that need combining various individual amplifiers together to form a single large power block.

We offer the best-in-class power combiners that deal with high input power and large bandwidths. Our power combiners use restive components which are known to offer excellent port-to-port isolation.

Furthermore, Raditek high power combiners are available in conventional and T-housing types available in stripline and drop-in models and can handle wireless frequency bands ranging from 200MHz to 18GHz.

With a power supply of 600 Watts over the C, S, X, and Ku bands and a thermal threshold of -55°C to 85°C, we provide power combiners starting from 2-way to 32-way configuration models suitable for narrow, broadband, and multi-octave RF in the frequency range of 30MHz to 500MHz and 40GHz.

Full details are on the Raditek website.